Fresh squirrel in attic

This home inspection stuff is starting to become too much for me. Yesterday - tons of animal droppings in attic. Today - a dead squirrel in attic. Oh, how my heartbeat rose when I saw this squirrel two feet away from the attic access door at the top of my ladder.

That romex may have had something to do with it. It probably bit back.

Did you note it in your report? I sat on a rat trap in the attic. That was startling.

You sat on a rat trap? That is absolutely hilarious! “The visual” from my imagination was incredible!

Thanks for the chuckle!#-o#-o\:D/\:D/

It was a tight space. I was in the attic laughing about it. Realtor probably thought I lost my mind up in the attic. :shock:

Squirrel, the other white meat!

What do you mean it’s getting too much for you? You just started didn’t you? No offense but what did you expect? :roll:

Frank that almost happened to me last week. I was extra careful as there were 3 traps in a tight space. Funny thing is there were no evidence of droppings in the visual parts of the attic.

I hope you don’t run into this guy

Or that one!