Website for review

A new year approaching and I would like to address my website.

Please critic and if you are familiar with the editing please advise.

It would be nice if the editing was a more computer friendly for a PC dummy like myself. (I am getting better though)

Ideas for a new template to start from scratch maybe the way to go instead of editing my existing site.

I get no inspections from my site. SEO is bad.
It is not mobile friendly.

I know it sucks but is why I am posting.

I want to add some links like the HG user group.

I am now asking permission for all site content.

**I am going thru a legal battle on a picture I had on my Cleveland page.
They want a settlement of 1K per picture (2 pics)

I am also paying $99 a month for a SEO scam as I thought it was google,bing and yelp. It was BS!!

I have Kate T review and can add that if I stay with my current template (HIP)

You need a total overhaul. You can’t salvage that one.

Agreed. I will run a scan and see what’s up for you

Thanks for the great news!!

Any suggestions were to start? Besides the recycle bin!!

You mean a scan like dead or barely breathing?

Not enough content
Not mobile friendly
You have a lot of weird backlinks (?)
Structure is bad - two H1’s and nothing else
Missing alt text for some pics
No +1’s or other social validation (minus 6 facebook shares)
Your title tag is 3 times longer than it should be
A bunch of pictures are missing where they should be
No real blog content

Your website is 11 years and 11 months old, it should be doing way better. Switch to Wordpress or Weebly. Also, if you don;t have your domain name with Godaddy or another reputable company, you may want to switch. Don’t host with Godaddy though, their website server has been making issues for some people.

I find this your wrote, is it still relevant and I need a template?

It beeped for a minute and then flat lined :mrgreen:. Joking…

Thanks for the laugh!!

I found this, maybe a place to start.


It is just so hard to edit, I hate it. Need to blow it up like you said.

I say change the theme.
Dom has a new version just out or out real soon.

Change up the cover page and it is not that bad.

You’re MAJORLY lacking new content and the theme/layout is extremely old. You have some good stuff on here too but without constant updates you’re definitely going to fall way behind.

Weird thing is I never update but type in Chicago condo inspection or Chicago Property Inspection.
Then try Chicagoland. Just saying… Lol

Here is some content you can put on your website:

Here is the info about the program (free) which will increase your value proposition:

Need to take note of that.

Why will it not take my fake name and password at register page ?

Yours looks better than mine, that I don’t have. I have been trying for three months to put together one. I’m on my second design maker.