Weep Screed details

I’ll admit I don’t know much about weep screeds. I know their purpose is to allow water to drain out if it gets behind a wall. But would the screed be functional when installed like the ones in the photo? Mortared below and above? What are your thoughts about this installation method?

I know the building paper is supposed to be on top of the screed. Is the water supposed to flow out from the top of the screed or below it? Do they have holes in them along their length that would let the water out the bottom? How exactly are they designed to work?

Finally, where should we see a screed in a stone veneer wall? Above windows, at the bottom of the wall? How about over a garage door? House entrance door? Thanks for your input.

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Not installed to manufacture or design use specs


hope this helps

Look at page # 17 and #18


Chatter on the ICC BB about stucco to and below grade and other issues!


Thanks guys. I appreciate the help. But I’m still looking for details about specifically how the water gets out the bottom a weep screed if there’s mortar on top of it. Does it simply seep through the mortar?

After the mortar dries and shrinks it creates an open path for moisture to run out the weep screed.

And yes it does seep through the mortar.

So, looking at my photos…pretend there is nothing below the weep screed, as the instructions require. The tightly packed mortar on the top of it is OK? That’s how it should be installed?

The front edge should be exposed. It looks like when they tuck pointed the stone they tried to cover it up. But that does not mean it will not drain.

The stone should not be run all the way down to the concrete. For bugs getting in unseen.

Here is a nice detail in a perfect world

Weep and caseing bead nice drainage!

Great photo! Thanks to all.