WeGoLook needs InterNachi Agents

Hi Everyone!

WeGoLook is currently working with a client who needs to perform over 1,000 occupancy verification reports per month (recurring every 30 days) and our agents must be InterNachi certified.

Please take 2 minutes to visit our website and sign up to be the contact person in your area for us- http://www.wegolook.com/OurLookers.aspx

Feel free to submit any questions to: customerservice@wegolook.com or call customer service at: 855-265-5665.

Thanks in advance,

Robin Smith

What is the pay to go look?

the website suggests $25.

so You have an actor and a pfc from the motor pool as lookers and they are certified Nachi home inspectors ?..interesting…

Odds are you will need to pay more then $25.00 to get a real NACHI inspector. There are a lot of NACHI inspectors out there that are hungry, but I have a hard time believing that they are that hungry.

from their home page it is hard to believe they are using any Nachi certified inspectors…

$25 I will take 1 picture of the home across the street from me. Anyone else think it’s interesting all the personal information the site wants including your soc. number.

I wished someone would monitor this MB better and keep this type of crap off of it or at least move it to the proper place like the INACHI discount section a few down from this one…

and you can climb a cell phone tower

(guffaw . . :roll:)
Add $100 to that, & it will meet my minimum driveway start.

I would, but I can’t see the house across the street from me. I would have to walk to the end of my driveway and off to the side another 100 feet or so. I guess I could do it when I put the trash out, get the mail or walk the dog.



I didn’t know you were an “InterNACHI Agent” Stephen. Did I miss the NachiTV course, or something? :shock: :roll: :wink:

Yikers! :wink: