Welcome to LaLa Land

You know you’re in La-la-land when you’re welcomed on-site by a realtor, given some cute booties to be worn inside over your shoes, and plied with an endless supply of chilled bottles of water imprinted with a picture of the residence and the realtors information.(Check out the pictures) In addition, you find yourself part of a group that includes a general contractor, a plumber, a geologist, a mold specialist (Industrial Hygienist if you please), two HVAC contractors working independent of each other, a roofing contractor, and a chimney specialist replete with video–scanning equipment, and a few lowly assistants.


Since there was a GC., two HVAC subs, a roofer, a Mold Specialist, and chimney specialist I assume that you did not have to write a report on those aspects of the house.

If I may ask…What was the square footage, how much time did you spend “on site”, what did you charge and what did you base your price on?

My report covered all aspects of the inspection, but referenced who was on-site and in what capacity. The residence is 12,000 square feet, totally and recently remodeled. Like politics and religion, I avoid talking about price.

It was a long and profitable day.:slight_smile:

Okay fair enough.:stuck_out_tongue:

But… what did you base your price on? Time? Square feet?

We have some inspectors here who would do Keith’s inspection for $425.00

I swear…—:shock:

Had a man call me last week for a 6800 sq ft house with a Casita, 2000 sq ft. guest house…—:shock:

I told him $1,679.00 with a termite report included.

He said he had a price for $325.00

Out of curiosity I asked him who the inspector was, he told me…he was a NACHI member with his AZ License revoked from lack of insurance, and lack of renewing his license and company name with the state----](*,)

Illegal Lowballers!:twisted:

I hope that you turned him in to the AZ Home Inspectors Board!

Even though he does not have a valid license they can “fine” him! :twisted:

One good thing about licensing “A” Frank—:lol:

Agreed! :stuck_out_tongue:

I gather as much information as I can, not the least of which is the sale’s price of the property, which I’m liable for for four years. People who can afford expensive properties can also afford expensive attorneys, all of whom understand that conscientious inspectors carry insurance, and insurance companies will roll over rather than pay the exhorbitant fees of defending an innocent inspector. I ask a lot of questions, and charge a fee equal to what the average attorney is paid.


I understand Keith—::)))

Hope you are doing great…!!

Yea, doing great Dale.

Hi Keith,
Thanks for the reply. :stuck_out_tongue:
I am sure that this information will help the “newbies” formulate their business plans.

As for me… My rates are $150.00 per hour and I charge accordingly.

If there is going to be any “research” or excessive travel time involved then I also factor that into my price.

Commercial inspections are priced by the square foot, plus time, plus any sub contractors that need to be involved… Plus 15%