Welcome to LaLa Land

You know you’re in La-la-land when you’re welcomed on-site by a realtor, given some cute booties to be worn inside over your shoes, and plied with an endless supply of chilled bottles of water imprinted with a picture of the residence and the realtors information.(Check out the pictures) In addition, you find yourself part of a group that includes a general contractor, a plumber, a geologist, a mold specialist (Industrial Hygienist if you please), two HVAC contractors working independent of each other, a roofing contractor, and a chimney specialist replete with video–scanning equipment, and a few lowly assistants.


I think I would have run out screaming.

Wonder how long they have been recycling those water bottles by filling them from the hose? Those are probably “special” bottles of water just for the HI.

HA! I’ve worked a few of his listings. Pretentious to say the least :smiley:

Hose? Are you sure they weren’t filled from that magic spring in the neat white bowl? :shock:

Since there was a GC., two HVAC subs, a roofer, a Mold Specialist, and chimney specialist I assume that you did not have to write a report on those aspects of the house.

If I may ask…What was the square footage, how much time did you spend “on site”, what did you charge and what did you base your price on?