Lo Ballers at it again

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I received seven calls this week asking for quotes and everyone said I was to high :slight_smile: One said they can get the inspection for $195 from a multi inspection Co. with a one year guarantee, for a house not a condo ???

I saw that same add for 195.00, another for $200.00 and know $245.00 All flat fee inspections including pools and spas including travel. The inspecton Business on the East side (SB county) is slow. Had two cancellations this week alone. RE Business overall has slowed and hopefully it will pick up in July - usually does and through to the end of the year. But these low ballers are not doing us any good; as it appears.

Signs of the times…I guess… what do you do? I have a few agents that know my style and work and will pay the higher fee. However with most others if your $25-50 on the higher side you’re not going to get the insp and how long can you sit at home with no work or $$$ coming in? I know it’s messed up but hopefully these low balls will not make it and go away, however if they are getting their fair share of the market then imo I do not see them going away. I also have a flat fee the covers 70% of the homes in my area that we insp. My flat fee is $275 and it works for me and it’s not the best $$ right now however I will take whatever it will get me. I also have Ben’s w/c, free roof insp, and will give a roof cert if it passes for the $275 and this package is working VERY WELL right now…again just my 2 cents. Also get pools at $75 so a few of them each week also helps. Now I know of a guy who will do the pool for free with his hi. IMO the more you offer the better chance you have right now, everyone is looking for the best bang for their buck. The new agents I am getting right now love the fact they are getting a package deal for a great price and do not have to call out 3 guys to get all of their insp.

to add also looking at adding sprinklers to the mix, just another item in my cap!

Fact: In our profession, we have people disguising themselves as “Home Inspectors” who work other unrelated full time jobs. They take a course now and then, might actually invest in a flashlight once in a while…and use the $75 extra bucks a week they make inspecting houses to buy donuts for the boys in the office.

They can afford to be the cheapest.

Professional, full time home inspectors…who have invested in education, equipment, and training…cannot.

You guys just don’t know how to sell your business.

You guys do what everyone else does.

Continue what you have always done, and continue what you get what you always got…

You guys don’t focus on a specific market.

Go find Russel Ray…

Quit fighting the tide.

Quit doing what you don’t have to do.

Give your client an option.

Quit fighting the Realtor.

Drive further.

Quit disclaiming every component in the house so your not responsible. Then go out and try to charge a premium!

I have a “one liner” that sells (97% of the time) against the low baller.

I would post my findings, but I am no longer an “active” member and I have to decide if I want to hang around here and give advise for free to competition.

Seems that a lot of members have progressed “beyond” this message board.

Do I want to listen to the rant of Joey? An idiot CMI that can’t get his @sss out of the “for members only” section.?! John M is in the same boat. Gee I want in on that club! How much does it cost? Yea, that will make my phone ring!

How many times do I have to prove that you can’t determine adequacy of an HVAC unit with a dry bulb thermometer? I know most of you were in the boys room smoking during physics class, but… I was skipping school, and I got it!

How many times do I have to post the SOP of your industry?

When will Instamatic Thermography no longer be the Building Science norm?
A $1k camera and a free course…

Write a 75 page HI report so no one knows what the hell to do now!?

Quit your crying and get out there and do something about it.

Blame Obama for the crappy economy and then go out and push his Home Star program…

Oh, I know…

Put your face on a moving bus and wait for the phone to ring!

Until then, spend your time here disputing electrical issues with Paul Abernathy or TI with Jim Sefferin, law with Joe Ferry, dispute resolution with Joe Farsetta, Military strategy with the Vets, Condominium Inspections with Condo-Bob!

Luck to all…

It’s too damn hot. I’m taking my ranting @ss to the pool.

Just vote my @ss off this Island… !!!

The odds are, we will never be as impressed with you as you are…but then, I’m sure that is just another one of our shortcomings.:wink:

I think the thermography has gotten to poor Dave. Watch out Bushy, those thermal imagers will make you goofy!!!:p:p:p

Sounds like lowballing to me!!


avg price here is 200-325 looks like i am more on the high end :wink:

but then again u belong to that other group:roll:


Yes, I do belong to that other group and damn proud of it. It is well known that in California the low ballers belong to your group :shock:


IMO A$HI has nothing on NACHI, thats like apples to oranges lol…hey its all good! IMO NACHI has more to offer its members and the traninng here is simply the best, no other hi org can offer anything close…you should pay the $289 and become a member…whats the hold up…:mrgreen: cant be the $$$ from how I take it your making the big $$$ because my 275-350 is so low in $$$ :cool:

FYI… Todays inspection just got back $365.00 1200 sq. w/pool on slab! Not so bad IMO… if it’s low to some oh well get over it!

That inspection would go for 150 -190 in my market.

wow…holy crap batman:shock:

Why so cheap?

Monday’s a.m. inspection is 1200 sq ft on slab for $325.

Originally Posted by gbell

That inspection would go for 150 -190 in my market.

James…This is whats called a lost leader… Do a few for this price get the agents to call then after a time jump the price up to you working market price… no one can run a company…

A new inspector will try this and old inspector may fall for it as his standard price then adjust up…

Done right works very well…
Done wrong and some agent will think thats your price.



Because that is what people will work for in this area.