Well pump pressure tank age

I haven’t been able to locate how to determine the age of many well pressure tanks I run across. Anyone know of any site that has a listing similar to the HVAC or WH. Or anyone know the age of this tank.

I don’t usually date pressure tanks. Curious, what year is the home?

Same here - we don’t determine the age. And we conduct plenty of well system inspections.

If you want to know if its working, tap on it. The tank should sound hollow at the top where the air chamber is and a thud near the bottom where the water is.
Also, if the well is on/off short cycling chances are the tank is shot.
Last, open the shrader valve on top if water comes out, it is indeed in need of replacement.


It’s 1950.

No its not. Goulds didn’t have a V60 then and they were not painted.
Stephen, its great you’re being thorough but simply check it and move on.

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Scott, I think Stephan meant the home was 1950. I also don’t determine age but test as you do.


Thanks, I usually to all those things when testing. But was just curious about the age of the tank. No big deal, just curious. And yes, I meant the home is 1950.


Goulds Hydro-Pro 19.9 gallon Water System Tank, manufactured in April 1999.


April 1999 was my guess, “D99” in the serial. Did you confirm it, or is it a guess as well?

The big product sticker gave it away as a pre-2005 Goulds-branded unit, which AO Smith still makes for them. I used to be into well systems in a big way, and I used to have to date systems a couple times a week.

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The “D99” in the serial dates it then I assume?

yes D is April

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Thanks. Maybe I am missing something obvious. Where did you get the 19.9 gal?


Use the label. (V60) Pressure tank.

Steven. Labeling is everything, when I build reports.
A: Manufacture. B: Model Number - M/N. C: Serial Number - S/N. D: Capacity.
In many instances, the labeling gives you all (4) or enough information to satisfy what I require for the report.
Good luck.