We're moving the InterNACHI forum to a brand new platform


I was a partner in a large board (only slightly smaller than this one) and we made the move to discourse as well. It is a good software but will take some getting used to as it is vastly different from vbulletin. The move took us nearly a week due to some migration issues but we used a third party contractor instead of the actual developer.

One of the coolest features is the ability to drag and drop images directly into the conversation and that the threads update in real time as posts are made.
This will make areas like the Emergency section work really well for a conversational system of nailing down issues quickly.

Cannot wait to see it

This should be good for a few laughs. The InterNachi “safe-space” has arrived…

The red and green badges return.

Are we about to revisit an abject failure?

That doesn’t sound good, good bye old NACHI forum:neutral:
It was great meeting folks, just want to say thanks to all that help for all the help!

It was nice knowing you

The new platform looks terribly boring.

Last post in the old forum!

Nope, I got it.

Me !!!

Houston, we have a problem.

POST :lol:

Failure to launch

I’m here. :wink:

Uh oh. :scream_cat:

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Fix my log in credentials please.

Looking good!


I’m probably the last person to figure this out but, on long threads, if you want to go immediately to the last post in that thread then:

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