Wet Locations

Is under a patio cover considered a wet location for an outlet?
If so what about a 220 outlet for a clothes dryer??

Laundry room was outside under a patio cover, laundry outlets we in about 2’ from the exterior edge of patio cover.

I would say yes. Most outdoor locations are considered “damp or wet locations.”

How should a 220 outlet be protected, in this situation.??

Bubble cover. For a 220 receptacle, it would require a “Midwest Box”, in all likelihood. Even if under roof, only 2’ in gets my vote for a wet location. I’m not even sure I like the clothes drying appliance in that location, let alone the receptacle.

“Midwest box”:

Must be a northern thing. Appliances out on the porch is common down here. Some work, others don’t :wink:

In a practical sense it is heat you dont want in the house.

Is Andretti’s pizza still around? I used to eat there when I was a kid. My grandmother still lives in Bonita

I remember Andrettis but I am not sure they survived the Dominos/Papa John/ Howie invasion.