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I have attended one of his seminars {Where I first met you in 2002-2003? in Swansea Ma.} and I found that Joe has a wealth of knowledge!

I am looking forward to it:p

The NACHI.TV training adds incredible value to the InterNACHI benefits. Good thinking guys.

I agree.
Many now have had a taste and when they see they can not get any more for free well then the Choice is there stay Dumb or join NACHI and help us all too improve this industry.

**GOOD POINT!:stuck_out_tongue: **

So InterNACHI couldn’t lease rights from production co. for use in members only section.
Had a friend do computer education that way.

Why would anyone choose another association when Nachi does it all!
You guys rock!

I have no idea… please let me know if you find out.


I just wanted to see why you guys type and post the word “bump.”

Now, I’d better say something…

Six minutes into http://www.nachi.tv/episode16, Paige shows that she’s got bigger balls than all of you guys. :smiley: