What do you all think went wrong here?


Just wondering what you all think went wrong here?



Alot of people had their rose colored buyers goggles on and didn’t do the proper research. For that kind of money you need to be asking a lot of questions, talk to a lot of experts, and get everything in writing.

Every house with the exception of ONE, the problems I found with EIFS was the product was not installed properly; steps and or materials were omitted, materials that were installed were not done IAW with the manufacturer’s instructions. The list of ways for EIFS to fail are numerous and varied, combination of errors, accumulation of errors, etc. One of the biggest factors I was told by some of the trainers for EIFS, that the workers installing it were never properly trained and pretty much left to do what they thought was correct. Then there is the people who come along behind the installers who “hang” things on a home or install other systems who know squat about EIFS and essentially breach the materials / siding and make it null and void for keeping out the moisture that plagues this system. A good site to go visit is www.eima.com

Yeah, hanging things can cause issues for certain. One of the things that caused the issues with the balconies in Willowbrook is the fact that they mounted the railings into the balcony vs. to the posts in the wall. This punctured the membrane underneath from what I understand and caused leaks.

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LOL, and here is another community that came forward today and a list of communities with known issues.


  1. Willowbrook (Bradenton)
  2. Palm River (Tampa)
  3. Wedgewood (Valrico)
  4. Waterford (Clearwater)
  5. Moss Landing (Riverview)
  6. Harbour Isles (Apollo Beach)
  7. South Fork (Gibsonton)
  8. Bridgeview at Watergrass (Wesley Chapel)
  9. Carriage Lake (Vero Beach)
  10. Sundance (Mulberry)
  11. St. Charles Place (Riverview)
  12. Magnolia Trails (Gibsonton)
  13. Asbel Estates (Land o Lakes)
  14. Southbay Lakes (Gibsonton)
  15. Tanglewood Preserve (Gibsonton)
  16. Windy Pines (Port St. Lucie)
  17. Ballantrae Villages (Land o Lakes)
  18. New River Lakes Villages (Wesley Chapel)
  19. TIERRA DEL SOL PHASE (Riverview)
  20. Point West (Vero Beach)

Outside of Florida

  1. Stone Hill Estates (Durham, NC)
  2. Autumnwood (Lathrop, CA)

Doug, it is NOT EIFS.

It is a fundamentally flawed stucco installation on wood framing on top of masonry first floor framing.