What do you call this cement trim?

Around the windows. Is it coping? I can’t think of a formal word for it.




I’d call it a sill, but thats just me but I only speak English.



It’s all so sill-y.

“Coping” generally refers to a wall with the top layer somewhat sloped to aid in water run off. The sloped course is the “coping”.

What about the bloody cement trim part that’s not a sill you Wanker!:stuck_out_tongue:

(Gulp)…if you want to call it a coping, then it’s a coping. (heh, heh)

Jae, is that a bad word?:wink:

Why not call it cement window casing.

Louis Agudo

Okey, dokey.

I resemble that remark :wink:


“Pre-Cast” door, window, pillar, column trim, etc…


Let’s see if anyone “gets” that.

The vertical section around the actual window is the trim.

The horizontal section at the bottom that stick out is the “stool.” Under the stool for those types of window one can usually find an “apron.”

The sill actually includes two horizontal sections, one on the interior (the sill) and one on the exterior (the stool).

The best book I’ve ever found to answer these types of questions is “Home Book: The Ultimate Guide to Repairs, Improvements & Maintenance,” by Creative Homeowner, ISBN 1-58011-069-X. Indeed, it was this book that gave me the idea for About Homes.

For the answer to the question, see. p. 467.

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Yes, but I’d rather pick from sill samples than…:stuck_out_tongue:

I have four really nice bar stools. Great for a quick sit-down margarita.