What do you call this type brick work?

I came across this interesting looking specimen of so-called Brick work,
and wondered if this was some kind of trendy thing back then?
I’ve seen it on several houses around town, most of which were built back in the 60’s and 70’s…

Just wondering if there was a name for it?(other than what I think of it :vomit:)

Its hard for me to believe that any brick mason worth his salt, would allow something like this to display…:roll:

100_0358 (Small).JPG

100_0359 (Small).JPG

Squeeze joint or extruded joint

Some people around here call it “charleston”


Weeping mortar.

Around here anyway.

Agree with Carl. In SoCal it was called “weeping brick”. Mostly chimneys but some rare homes.

It isn’t the brick work that’s bad it’s the mortar. Stupid idea!

I’ve seen this type of mortar work several times. The home owner (who requested this mortar work) definitely has poor taste in building aesthetics.

Thanks guys, now I know what to call it ( being polite anyway)


Done in the Houston area at that time too. Better class neighborhood.

After a neighborhood house burned (with this type of brickwork) it looked like the mortar had ‘oozed’ from the heat. !

I have heard the Charlestown brick method of install
Not recommended in Northeastern climates subject to freeze / thaw cycles…

Not shoddy.
Just a method of installation.

I owned a home in Ventura with that look. They called it a squeeze joint. Those are about the squeeziest joints I’ve ever seen.

I have never been a fan of that look.

My home in Santa Barbara has this on the brick chimney. It was a very clean mortar though, nothing like this one that looks like it was just thrown on. I agree with the northern climates though. Not the place due to the freeze cycles. But in the right climates if done properly, it looks great.