What do you think this is from?

Dirt in little piles under stucco against foundation. I originally thought it was insects (carpenter ants) but it was dirt/sand not wood/sawdust. Any ideas?

kioni 058.jpg

looks like ants to me Mark


I’m with ants also.

Dirty ants.

Mexican ants, they are landscaping! Hola!

in this part of the country that would most llikely be fire ants

I have to agree 100%. I see them all the time down here. Actually that colony looks a bit tame compared to others I’ve seen. I walked into an electrical room in a building I was inspecting a few months back and you almost needed waders it was soo bad. Some of the piles must have been 6 to 8 inches high! :wink:

Thats Funny!

I might guess carpenter ants if thay are wearing little tool belts :slight_smile:

Do fire ants come on red trucks with big hoses?

Yep, and you don’t even want to know what piss ants look like.