What Drone do you use?

I’m looking into drones. Anyone have suggestions?



My neighbor was using one yesterday, so I stopped to chat with him. He had a Yuneec.He’s had it for a couple weeks. His previous experience has been years of flying RC planes. The distributor is in Ontario, CA. His research concluded that these guys had the best customer support. It was very cool.

Check this out.

Thanks, Frank! That video looks great.

Phantom 3

I’ve never had any problems with mine. :mrgreen:


Came close to buying the Phantom 3 but then saw this one (CyPhy LVL 1). I think it will be avaiable late in the year. Drone technology is moving almost too fast :wink:

If you are going to inspect roofs there is only one Drone that sees all, its called the Charley Drone:mrgreen:

Thomas, I think I saw a few of those drones last time I was in Northern Iraq. :slight_smile:

But I am sure that no one is interested in anything but a Wal-Mart version.

Stick with the Charley Drone version…


Yeah, I have to remember when I want to photograph a roof not to accidentally launch the Hellfire missile instead! :shock:

Where do I buy one of these 'Charley" drones?

Just got my Phantom 3. Have been using Phantom 2 Vision+. The Phantom 3 with an iPad on the controller gives you an amazing view.

Send me $1500.00 and I will come walk your roof for you???:wink:

I’ve used a DJI Phantom for several years now. Upgraded last year to Phantom 3 and don’t see any immediate reason for switching anytime soon.

Only one bad experience so far. Scared the bejesus out of me when I flew it into a really high tree a few months back. Got lucky and found a tree trimmer that was able to retrieve it for me.

Customers are always WOWd with the pictures and that I use something if this technology.

Phantom 3 is awesome

I’ve been pretty happy with my Parrott AR Drone. It has forward looking and downward looking cameras. I always fly it outside with the indoor hull as I seem to bump into chimneys frequently.

Good article on How to buy the right drone by Kim Kommando:


I have a DJI Phantom and the Spectoscope. By far, the Spectoscope gets way more use. Conditions, tight spaces, weather, etc are major limiting factors with a drone. I can use a GoPro Hero Silver with a weather proof case and hand remote on either unit but only the pole can overcome all of the earlier variables and can be used almost anywhere. Love the drone, but super limited in application. Spectoscope is a better investment and about the same investment when all is said and done. But if you already have one? You will figure this out if you get a drone. Enjoy! They are fun indeed. But limited.

There are a few slate, standing seam and corregated roof surfaces you would only walk once here. We build for snow load in VT.