What food makes you feel the best in the morning?

Hey All-
They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have you ever experimented with the types of foods you eat in the morning? I have and its CRAZY to see how different I feel with different foods. I will reveal what ‘science’ has said is the best to eat in the morning, but wanted to ask you home inspectors who are out there working hard. What do you eat? What gives you the best energy?

Three cups of coffee and a banana and i’m good for the day.

I get up and have 1 cup of coffee then for breakfast one egg, one piece of toast and a glass of OJ.

1 knish from Costco - 90 seconds in the microwave

Oatmeal with blueberries and and sliced banana. Topped with cinnamon and ground ginger. And then a little almond milk.

4 cups of coffee 2 eggs over toast smothered in tabasco. :shock::shock:

Yep and in a hurry always 2 chocolate chip cookies from Mickey D.

Curious of what you reveal.

I went from a Diet Pepsi addiction, to a 5 HR energy addiction to coffee.

I drink about 4 cups, have a nutra grain bar and drink lots of ice tea in the summer.

I am fighting a cold from the weather change and sleep like crap.

I take meds for constant pain from either fibromyalga or osteo arthrithis.
Sorry about the poor grammar, off to work and drink more coffee.

2 cups of espresso with foamed cream, 2 eggs over easy fried in butter, 4-5 strips of peppered bacon.

My first meal is 1.5 cups of egg-whites and 1/2 cup of oatmeal. That gets me through my workout, whether it’s a cardio morning or a weight-lifting morning. I quit coffee many years ago.

After that, I do a protein shake before I head out the door to my first appointment.

I’m generally up for 3 to 4 hours before my first appointment.

That (and other fruit) and spirulina and chlorella and a slice of peanut butter toast and water.

Sometimes a smoothie with all sorts of veggies and fruits, almond milk, etc.

The first thing in the morning I start off with 2 cups of coffee to warm up the engine. I then blend up an apple and orange into a smoothie, along with 1 egg on two pieces of toast, with a ¼ of an avocado. Everything is organic and no gmo’s. I do this everyday

I don’t do coffee when the weather is too warm/hot, occassionally an iced coffee.

I usually have green grapes on the counter so I nosh on those all the time.
I often enjoy a breakfast burrito first thing.

Often I have leftovers. Two pieces of pizza, a burger, meatloaf sandwich, fried bacon on toast. Always a Coke. I do not drink coffee. Every morning: for 40 years.

Since I am on my wife’s health plan at work, I have to have a physical every year. I always come out way ahead of her. This year, I got the best score in her company. It was actually a negative 15, and got the company discount.

You got to have fat, sugar and protein in the morning.

IMO, having a morning meal is only part of the equation…
How many that have posted are Diabetic, or have other health concerns that affect their diets?
I am Type 2 Diabetic, and my Glucose level typically spikes at about 5am. Carbs are my enemy. My morning meal varies, but I am limited to about 25g of carbs. (by my Dr.) for my morning meal. That equates to a medium sized banana. The results from that one banana vary day to day, so the rest of the days meals can also be a challenge.

Is that so? LOL

Wow, there are very healthy eaters here! Great job!!

We are on the DASH diet, and whatever is on the menu for that day.

I’ll have some haggis with a double expresso… Good to go! Followed by some Watusi organic beef for lunch.

Coffee, more coffee, even more coffee. Then I have a bowl of Uncle Sam cereal with whole milk and some berries mixed in. That usually will get me through until lunch time.