What gives?

Just ignore it Bill, Raymond is “trying” to be funny. Unfortunately, he obviously doesn’t appreciate the fine line between funny and pathetic.

Everyone knows that you are not registered as “Billy” Mullen.

Norm :wink:

Dave I don’t think its Raymond.

I think its Wendy or it could be Nick.

I use to have a Billy Goat.

Hi Raymond,

You don’t think it’s you? Hmmm, I hear multiple personalities can work that way. I wouldn’t put much stock into anything you think or say for the time being. I’ll let you know when it’s not you. :roll:

Here’s an idea Ray! How 'bout you stop playing these silly games and let the professionals here go about their business? :roll:

Norm :wink:

Another piece of the puzzle

Everyone I would like your opinions.


Hey that sure is interesting. How come no one has seen these documents before now. Why would anyone not want to release them? I mean tax payers money was used for pete sake.

You are one desperate person. You scum bag!