What happened to HVAC, plumbing, etc.?

Anyway, anybody have any info on a Century Energy corp furnace?

Mod # - FG120C3
Ser # - 569

Any help, as always, is much appreciated.


I was wondering what happened to these specific groups like structure, exterior, plumbing, HVAC, etc…

And any help with this furnace age would be swell…

Thank you.


I can’t help you on the Century Energy but I can show you where those groups are…

Right here

Some where between 1967 and 1971



Thank you. Now how do I get there from the message board? How long has this been changed?

Appreciate the help.

Thanks Gerry. Can I ask how you knew that? I searched and searched, what seemed like forever, with no luck.

It’s pretty simple. If you know how scroll, simply go to the MB and scroll to the 3rd section down…Specific Inspection Topics

What browser are you using? You may have a glitch.

Mine was closed for some odd reason. I kept passing it because it was in the blue section… I figured it was something idiotic on my end… guess I need to get more sleep, been extremely busy and my wife is due on Monday with #4… it’s only gonna worse from here.

Thanks for the help.


We’re enjoying grand kids…:smiley: