What information do you gather prior to an inspection?

Hi everyone,
I am a newer home inspector and would like to know what information you like to know about a home prior to showing up for the inspection. When our company books an inspection, we send a confirmation email with the inspection agreement and we also ask for the client to ensure that utilities are turned on. I have heard some HIs ask for the disclosures as well. Does anyone ask for anything else? Is there other information you find it important to gather beforehand?
Thank you ahead of time for your advice!

Jennifer Friend
Certified Home Inspector
AccuTech Colorado

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Ask them how they plan on paying :slight_smile: and make sure they know when they must pay.

Client’s name, phone number, inspection address, email, cash or check.

Thank you all so much for this information! It is very helpful!

Jennifer Friend
Certified Home Inspector
AccuTech Colorado

Client’s name,

phone number

Inspection address: From this you can look up the mls and get all the info you need without bugging your client.



We ask

-Name for the report to be written
-Address to be inspected
-Present Mailing Address
-House size under air
-Present Realtors name
(if there is a/or want a)
-sprinkler system
-Radon test
-Mold test
-Alarm System
-Any concerns when they viewed the house anything they want us to pay particular attention to
-Termite Inspection
-Wind Mitigation Form
-4 point insurance inspection
-How many stories
-How many AC units (for mold test pricing)
-How they heard about us
-Are there any questions we can answer BEFORE the inspection
-Do they know the name of the listing agent
-Email address
-Where do they want the pre listing agreement to be sent to either email or fax
-Can their agent receive a copy of the report when it is finished and all other tests when completed such as mold, radon and termite

Wow…I guess we ask alot of questions! But the questions many times are not to “ask” but to educate the client as to what options they have. Ask someone if they want a Radon test and most say…What is a Radon test…here is your chance to upsell…

Great information! I appreciate the advice!

Thanks again,
Jennifer Friend
Certified Home Inspector
AccuTech Colorado

Occupation of my client.

Why… so you can charge more if they can afford it??? Yes, that’s a loaded question! :stuck_out_tongue:

I do things slightly different (including charge and/or up-sell ancillary services) depending on what the client does for a living. If the client is a bridge contractor, I’m going to communicate with him/her differently than if he/she is an attorney or a yoga instructor. The occupation of my client tells me a lot.

After thinking about this…what exactly is the difference between an attorney and a yoga instructor? It’s a riddle :slight_smile:

Thanks you for an honest answer.

I was just concerned as there are others that I deem to be unethical, becuase they charge by the thickness of a clients wallet, and not the characteristics of the structure.

whats your location Jennifer?

If the caller has a sweet voice, I like to ask “are you married?”

If the answer is “no”, I follow up with “what are your measurements?”

If the answer is “yes”, I follow up with “what are your measurements?”


you like big girls, Joe?

Oh Yeah! More to love. And they appreciate you so much! Never date a pretty girl…they treat you like trash. :mrgreen:

LOL…one of my favorite lines…“I don’t usually date women as pretty as you…their too damned much trouble!” See if she don’t bust butt to prove she’s not too much trouble :wink:

To expound on the Nick reply;

So it is unethical to discuss with the client what their building proficiency is?

You idiots are getting so politically correct, yet tolerate so much crap!

So, we can’t ask the client how proficient they are in understanding the English language?

If I have to spend two extra hours and pay a linguist to decipher what I’m saying, I have no right to change my pricing?

If I have a mechanical engineer, I can guarantee you that I do not have to “teach” the individual the basics of thermodynamics. They are ready know this. That means I spend less time. Therefore that means I can charge less and be more competitive but still provide a superior service.

On the other side of the frying pan, these people tend to want to know more about the property they are buying then idiots that shouldn’t be buying the house in the first place!

Therefore there is justification in performing more services and charging more for the service.

In most cases the client is extremely grateful for your intuitive perception that they require more than the average idiot that walks the street!

Anyone that lives in the commuting distance of Nashville Tennessee that would like to deal with total morons at the base home inspection price conceivable, contact me with your information. I fired four clients in the last 48 hours because of their inability to communicate (they were not foreigners).

One was a used car salesman! :slight_smile:

Whatever I can get that is listed on the attachment below. This page doesn’t go with the inspection report when it is printed.

I would never ask someone what they do for a living. I believe that it is an intrusion into their private lives and if someone wishing to work for me were to ask that question, I would find someone else for the job.

I am not worried about their credit, jobs, or anything else. If you are worried about getting paid, maybe you should improve your level of service.
In almost 20 years, I only didn’t get paid once…and the guy was “Baker-Acted” at the closing table.