Appointment Information

What type of information do you collect from the caller that asssits you in getting ready for the inspection.

So far I have a page set up that has the following

Client Name:
City: Zip:
Payment type:

Type: Single Multi Condo Apt.
Occupied: Access:
Inspection address:
City: Zip:
Day: Time:
SqFt: Year Built:
Utilities: Water Gas Elec Foundation:
Garage: Other:
Fee: Recieved:

Buyers Agent: Report Copy Y N

Sellers Agent: Report Copy Y N

How did you hear about my company? Is usually right after Name and phone #. :slight_smile:

Looks good and I agree with Rick. This willhelp you know if you are spending wisely.

Who referred you to us?

How can I help you?

Then listen!

Lots of notes, fill in your questions. After they are done you have an idea of where they are going and can better direct the questions. They also feel like you will address any concerns they have.

I usually get info concerning:

  • Combo lock - supra lock box - CBS Code
  • Is there an alarm system. Walked in many times not knowing or not being told -oh yea I forgot to tell you about the alarm. Up against the wall MF. (when cops show up)
  • Utilities on ?
  • Heated SF ?
  • Crawlspace ?
  • Vacant - occupied ?

Check this similar thread from a couple of weeks ago for more information.

All good information :slight_smile:


  1. House Square Footage?
  2. House Age?
  3. Slab or Crawl Space?
  4. Any detached structures inspected?
  5. Is the home in distress or poor condition? (Add $25.00 min.)
  6. Location? (See list of faraway places where I charge an additional fee)
  7. Siding type.
  8. Is the house occupied?
  9. Are the utilities on?

10 Want a termite inspection?
11. Want a Home warranty?
12. Water sample?
13. Radon sampled?
14. Give Price Quote
15. Client Name and phone number?
16. Client email address for confirmation.
18. Realtor name and phone number?
19. Realtor email address for confirmation.
20. Is Realtor hot (do I need to dress up?)
21. Give instructions on obtaining Agreement.
22. Will client be in attendance? (Do I have to be on time?)
23. How will inspector gain access to the property?
24. Is there a Security System? Want it checked? / Want info from Brinks Security?
25. Set date and time.

Joe… too funny

couple of super points, btw, does the brinks thing work for you?


I’ve seen the **Glamour pics of Realtors **-:slight_smile: it’s both funny and, seriously, it kind of saddens me. I mean come on, why put that picture on your card… some of them look like the Glamour Shot of Napoleon Dynamites girlfriend, you know, the picture of his “girlfriend from oklahoma”.

I even had one say to me “you’re probably wondering why I have that picture on my card”… it was literally the first thing they said to me, I’d never met her before.

But, I might consider a “wash” IF the house was distressed (great point btw) AND the realtor was hot, fair is fair.

Joe. thats some great stuff…If it is a reocurring realtor I will just ask that they send over the MLS PDF file and the contact info. Saves alot of time.

Great info Joe, As a 7A myself I can count on two hands how many times I have done a cl100 when the HI was there. As a new-be to the Hi end, the laws are unclear on actually performing wdi’s as an HI.

Any insight?


I sub out the termite inspections, if they want one. I make $25 on that service. Termite man is there the same time I am.

Just started with Brinks. They sent me a check this week for $680 for providing them the contact info for clients I’ve worked with the past 3 months. I make $15 for each lead I sent them, whether the client signs up with Brinks or not. Seems to be working REAL well. I make $100 for each HI I send their way, so if anyone is planning to contact Brinks, please call me first.

Here’s my appointment record:
Property Inspection Appointment Record
Client Information:

  • Name: _______________________________________________________

  • Present mailing address: ___________________________________________

  • Home phone: ____________________ Cell phone: ______________

  • Email address: ___________________________________________

  • Inspection Address: _________________________________________________

  • Property: Occ. Vac. Utilities: On Off

  • Property type: SFR Duplex Condo Twnh Commercial

  • Square Feet : ___________________________________

  • Year built: __________________ Age: _________

  • Furnace: 1 2 3 A/C: 1 2 3 Heat pump: Y N ****

  • **Radon Y N Mold Y N (Radon - $0) Mold ($0 + $0 samples)

  • Inspection Price:****** _____________________**

Access: ______________________________________________________

Provided by: _________________________________________________

Contract: _________________________ Payment: ___________________

Date of Inspection: _____________________

Time of Inspection: [81/2] [12 ½] [4 ½] (MTWTF) Sat: [81/2] 12 1/2


Company: __________________________________________________

Telephone: (W) _©

Email: ___________________________________________________________

Referred by:____________________________________________________

Referral: I R YPI BNI YP Ad Client FR WCCI Other