What is a "Moisture Gauge"

Hello fellows I am completing the mold inspection course and it made mention of a Moisture Gauge. The MG was to be used to confim the odor smelled or muggy feeling in a area of concern with mold growth (page 76). Is the MG in reference to the IAC2 mold sampling decision chart also discussed in the course (pg14).

A moisture “gauge” can only give you a moisture readings at the point of sampling.

Is the moisture gauge a paper test strip, how does it work?

This was the one I used for years:

I would never use such a thing.

Does it do ambient air moisture readings?

Too many fancy words for me
It is simply measures relative humidity and temperature

Why not, Roy?

Thanks for sending this link, as always you get what you pay for. The 1.25 depth penetrating feature is impressive. Is the comparative scale ambient RH?

Because I have no need to do ambient air moisture readings.

Yes, I like it because it is non-pin-penetrating. :smile:

From link:

The scanning depth of the meter is 1.5". Would I have issues if I was scanning wood floor that is only .5" thick and on top of concrete?


You cannot get the moisture of the wood then in this manner. Unless there is an airspace between the wood and the concrete. If that is the case, it should be fine. The meter stops reading once it reaches an air gap.