What is it?

Hi Russel!

The State of New Hampshire does not “celebrate” MLK day. We have “President’s Day”.

Yes, They are holes for the “nipples” that hold it in place.

The 2nd photo is a close up of the scorched section.

Scorched Heat Shield #2.jpg

Scorched Heat Shield.jpg

Yeah, but you’re in Oklahoma. That’s just Wannabe-South.

You didn’t read my message, or you’re getting like our NACHI E&M Policeman and your comprehension is failing you. That “tea” isn’t having an effect on you, is it?

New Hampshire is in the south? Oh that’s right south of the Canadian border;-) . Or is he in the south on vacation?

Frank’s not in the south! NH stands for New Hampshire, he’s just making us sweat it out! (ha ha )

No wonder I did not recognize the part we don’t have oil burners in my area we use the real stuff right out of the ground natural gas. You guys burning that good oil for heat is one of the reasons we pay so much for gasoline should refine that oil into gasoline or diesel for my truck.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We burn “D-2” which is what you burn in your diesel truck.