What is it?

I just had some parts replaced on my HVAC system.

Can you identify this part?


One more clue


From the pic it kinda looks like the top of a blown out start capacitor other than that I don’t have a clue???


It looks fairly thick, like boiler plate material. With the Hi-temp adhesive in your hand, I’m confused, unless you are repairing or reattaching a bracket or handle to say a damper. Pure guesswork.

Greg & Charley,

Nope sorry.

I will give out the answer this Monday.

I may be dead before Monday??? Curiosity killed the cat???


Others may want to “Play” so we will wait:p

Looks like a heat shield to me.:slight_smile:

Frank, is that 3 small holes I see in that piece?

Either a cover plate for a clean out access or a flame observation port.

Well, I don’t know Frank’s background, but if he were in the South, I would say that it’s a “doohickey.” :margarit:

OK Frank, what’s the answer! I’m on the edge of my seat! (ha ha)

Ok Frank monday is almost over wheres Frank???

Yeah, but Monday was a holiday. Of course, Frank is in the South. Do they take MLK day as a holiday down that way?

In the south every day is a Holiday???

Since when is NH in the south? Unless that’s maybe North Houston.

It south of Maine, Canada south of a lot of things.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Bingo! You win!

The technichian called it a “Target Wall.” That means that when the oil is spayed towards the back of the chamber and ignites, it will hit the “Heat Shield / Target wall” instead of the steel walls of the “Heat Chamber”.
This adds years of life to the unit.

We had a small “ice storm” today and I lost power…So I was off of the internet.

I “Grew up” in the North Side of Houston.

I am happy to say that I moved to New Hampshire in 1985 and I LOVE it.