What is SRU ?

what is sru

Service roof top ventilation is all I can think of.:slight_smile:

That’s to the “secret room upstairs”:twisted:

Secret Refridgeration Unit” in the ManCave!!!

Sun Room Under hang

Storage Room Unit? Outside shed perhaps?


Sara’s Room Upstairs?

Uh oh, that house is a special one for sure. Apparently, the Sh*! Runs Uphill there.

“small room upstairs”?, “storage room upstairs”?

Gotta be one of these:

SRUSlippery Rock University *(Pennsylvania)*SRUScottish Rugby UnionSRUStrategic Response UnitSRUSulfur Recovery Unit *(refinery term)*SRUSociety of Radiologists in UltrasoundSRUShop Replaceable UnitSRUSeismic Research Unit *(University of the West Indies; St. Augustine, Trinidad)*SRUSingapore Rugby UnionSRUsearch and rescue unit *(US DoD)*SRUSpecial Response UnitSRUStable Release UpdateSRUSpells ‘R’ Us *(shared story network)*SRUStellar Reference UnitSRUSafety Regulation UnitSRUSoil Remediation UnitSRUSearch and Retrieve via URLsSRUSilver Recovery UnitSRUShip Repair Unit *(India)*SRUShop Replacement UnitSRUSubassembly Repairable UnitSRUStrategic Readiness Update *(US Army)*SRUSystem Resource Unit *(benchmarking)*SRUSignal Regenerator UnitSRUSubmarine Rescue UnitSRUShip Replaceable UnitSRUSignal Receiving UnitSRUSelective Reserve UnitSRUSenior Referral Unit *(insurance)*SRUSubsystem Repairable UnitSRUSystem Replaceable UnitSRUStandard Reference UnitSRUShelf Ready UnitSRUSignificantly Revised UpSRUStandard Replacement UnitSRUSynchro Repeater Unit *(Switchboard)*SRUSeptage Receiving Unit *(sanitation)*SRUSignal Resistor Unit

Ya’ know, that kind of looks like a **V **to me!!! S.R.V. :twisted:


sweet ruby something …i swear i can’t remember Her last name…

What did it say on the panel directory for that circuit #?

I thought to ask that question also, but I know from experience, when the conductors are marked as such, the legend, if there is one, and if it is correct, is unreadable.

I thought about that, but according to the NEC, if there’s an electrical inspection then there should have been a legible panel directory installed when the service has passed that inspection. :roll:

Tell em to turn it off, and see what doesn’t work…:wink:

That would mean the sparky would have to install one after the fact. Good luck with that! Let’s not forget, this was most likely an upgraded service, and not new install. Double ‘good luck with that’! :mrgreen:

Sister Rita’s Ventilator:shock:

ouch !