Whats is this?

I was wondering what in the world is the black box (in the picture) above the enclosed hallway furnace. :shock: The label was covered up by overspray so I couldn’t read it.

Here are the pictures, sorry if they are small.

Black Box


Here is a bigger picture of the box, just up-side-down due to the uploader for some reason.

BlackBox (1).jpg

Ill be doing the HVAC course soon. :mrgreen:

Hmm this was supposed to go in the HVAC section lol.

Looks to be low voltage regulator.

Hmmm, this was a pretty decent size approx. 18x18, wouldn’t a low voltage regulator be roughly the size of a door bell transformer?

Thanks for the input!

That’s got to be the smallest picture ever uploaded.

Can’t see enough to say what you’ve got…


It is small but I thought you were talking about the box on the 18" by 18" box

Looks like an older(1990s) aprilaire screen type humidifier. Nine times out of ten they don’t work or leak at that age. Flag it as not operational and move on.

I added a bigger picture above its just up-side-down for some reason.

How would you inspect them?

I got it! Didn’t they use 1 of the those ghostbusters? It looks like here lately there is a need for a paranormal home inspections. I think I’m going to add that to my webpage ghost goblins and poltergeist inspected . Just joking I don’t know what it is.

It is an old Model 112 Aprilaire humidifier.