What is the #1 Thing That Will Guarantee Success Over Time?

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A great partner ,We are still going well after 60 years Married .

Quality and consistency.

By being smart.

By the way who are you and what do you sell?

A phone that constantly rings, this means you’re doing something right with marketing, referrals etc.

I can’t tell you because that will give the answer away…

Have a good day then.

Taking advantage of all things that NACHI offers.

Learn something everyday.

I know your answer and in our case I disagree .

**"The Power of Routine and Why It Works " we have no routine every day is different **

So in what way does your service benefit or help an inspector? I took a look at your website.

Taking Risk


First Class Customer Service! Going above and beyond what is expected of you. Doing right by your Client… EVERYTIME, not just when you feel like it, have time for, or remember to.

Also, that does NOT mean to throw useless marketing gimmicks or trinkets at them.

Be open to critique, and admit a mistake. But above all be honest…period.

There is nothing that can “Guarantee” success.

Following a routine over time will guarantee success. Not sure that’s what you are looking for though. But if a routine is followed, no matter what the task over time you will become better if not the best at it = success.
Can’t wait to see the connection between HI & acupuncture…

Ah have to agree with this… No guarantees in life. But if I am going to strive for it the first thing that came to mind was INTERNACHI !!!

You get bonus points Kenneth! haha.
Of course nothing is fully guaranteed in business, but without this you are guaranteed to NOT have business. Answer will be revealed on Wednesday. We are looking for the best answer to this question…for those who have looked at the website by name googling, Acupuncture is not the answer but there are certainly hints there. FYI-I am InterNachi’s Health Practitioner.

Answer your phone on the first ring.
Give a concise report.
And #1… make your client your foremost concern.