What is the fair thing to do for the next several Commercial Inspection courses?

All you have to do is use that map and take the top 20 or so states with the highest NACHI membership. They’re spread out pretty well across the country and with some tweaking should balance out easily.

New York633
South Carolina165
North Carolina139
New Jersey127

I’m thinking if there is a way to find out what area has the most members, that show an interest/commitment to taking the class, and go with those areas first.

…just a thought

I think the odds would be higher to have more people interested in the more densely populated areas, but that’s just my opinion.


Don’t forget the Atlanta market, both new and renovation.
Georgia commercial growth is still incredible. What were seeing throughout the state, is renovation of existing commercial properties in smaller and more rural areas. Developments are popping up all over N-S-E-W. A huge need.

We were lucky to get Gerry Beaumont (Norm w/Porter Valley sponsored) back in the fall and would love to get him and others back to Atlanta to expand our knowledge. We probably had 50+ people that day, coming from all around Ga., and Ala.,Tenn.,SC. and they all left energized, wanting for more. Talk to Earl Beahm - Pres. of our Atlanta Chap., he’ll tell you.

I think that one of the courses should be held at ITA’s Tampa,FL facility. For Florida, Tampa is very centrally located and :roll: their training facility happens to be about 20 miles from my house.

In all seriousness…I’d travel for this, but Florida should get at least 1 probably 2 of these…to be fair :mrgreen: .

Florida would be nice but I will travel if I have to.

I’m already going to Denver but I would vote Hawaii:cool: I could use a good tan.

I agree Chicago would be a great choice. Of course this always comes up after you book your trip.

Orlando is central for Florida. Alot better than Miami.

nh is great. i was ready to go to denver, or new york.

Cant we all just meet in Las Vegas.

Any combonation of tampa,orlando,gainesville!

Yeah Greg, Gainesville works, thanks:D

I asked you to consider Atlanta on the 1st thread you posted on this subject, so if your picking cities by who asked first - it should be Atlanta. here are a few more reasons Atlanta should be considered:

1 - We have filled to capacity every single CE Course that has been brought here. The Atlanta Chapter is very serious about CE.
2 - Our Chapter is the 2nd oldest and most consistant Chapter in NACHI. We have had a meeting with a speaker ( or event) every 3rd Tuesday of the month without fail, since we formed the Chapter. We are serious about CE.
3 - If your going to fly anywhere in the SE, you must go through Atlanta, so why not just stay here and hold the Commercial Class.
4 - Not only will I promote this class, but I will set up the Hotel, handle on site registration and take care of any other administrative tasks that need to be done to help put on this class.
5 - Did I mention that the **Atlanta **Chapter is very serious about Continuing Education?

Please let me know the dates you want to look at, and I’ll start calling for hotels to host the event.

Earl Beahm CMI
President of the Atlanta Chapter of NACHI


Atlanta would be a great place to have these Commercial Classes. Great location for a alot of attendees’. Keep us in mind. :slight_smile:

Have a Great Day !

Inspections by Chuck Horner

Hi All,

I also want to push my support for Atlanta. It seems that everywhere you drive in the Metro Atlanta area some form of commercial bulding is going on. Weather it be Office or condominium towers, factories or renovations of existing commercial structures or small strip mall style stores, it is happening all over Atlanta.
We are a very active chapter with a bunch of first rate inspectors who take our continuing education very seriously. I have attended many CE courses and its nice when the inspectors from Alabama and South Carolina come. This gives us a little more insight into whats happening in outlying states.
I am certain that getting a full capacity crowd to this event will be no problem at all.
Make it happen Nick, we can hardly wait.

Louis Agudo

:smiley: Nick;

We in Atlanta are striving to get into the commercial inspections. Larry Brown and myself have done a few in the LaGrange area and are hopeful that this will increase. We need training. Gary Beaumont gave us a one day course which of course got our appetites whetted.

How about the fair thing to do is have it in Atlanta. Earl is working very hard to get it here and even though Larry and I drive 85 miles one way each meeting we see a hub of camaraderie and professionalism with this chapter. See who is responding the most and have it there as well. I for one would love to have it in Atlanta and will strive to bring in as many folks as I can. Besides it’s the least you could do for the “poster boy.”

Thanks and look forward to seeing you,

Mike Whisenant:mrgreen:

Chicago is the third largest city …maybe this would be a city worth considering.

You gotta have Atlanta - where the prediction is for a “strong spring selling season”.

I have done a few commercial inspections and would love to learn more. We’re ready…y’all come on down.

Atlanta seems so obvious that most of us were slow to post a reply.
I don’t need to repeat all the reasons that have already been stated.
I will say that every time an event is held in the ATL we get people
from South Carolina Alabama and Tennessee at least, attending!
I know I’ll be there!

If Phoenix (Tempe ITA) is not in the mix, Southern California is a tank of gas away.