What is the national home inspectors exam like?

Is it like the internachi practice test or final exam? Or is it much harder and different?

Kyle my experience was it’s different, it’s harder but the InterNACHI curriculum will prepare you for it.


See I’m pretty good with the practice test and can pass the final exam so do you think that’s enough? Did you feel prepared enough after using those tools?

Kyle I think you should try to get your hands on some study guides. I don’t think InterNACHI curriculum will give you all of the tools you’ll need to pass the national exam. Some of the exam is just based on personal experience and common sense. I’m sure others will chime in with some study guides for you.

My understanding is the exam has about a 55% fail rate. In my state you also need to take the business and law exam which is much more difficult. In my state if you fail the exam or either exam three times you need to wait one year before taking the test again. These two exams and the strike three rule are keeping new inspectors on the sidelines.


Kyle, if your still having trouble locating the NHIE manuals , you can purchase them directly from the EBPHI at Books - National Home Inspector Examination ($259)

or here: https://www.mbitiontolearn.com/real-estate/nhie-prep-book-set-nhie-set ($249)

Free download:

NHIE study guide.pdf


The NHIE is purty much a cake walk. Other than they can have quite a few questions on stuff we don’t do as part of a home inspection AND they have quite a few questions that can have 2 correct answers AND you have to guess which is MORE correct. And yes they have had a 43% or higher failure rate

Do i need both books or just mechanical and content manual

This one to start with…

The test covers information from both books.

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Tks i just bought them