What is this in 1938 crawlspace

Peeked into a 1938 home’s crawlspace and saw this. Not 100% sure what it is. I’ve seen sewage ejector pumps and sump pumps, but all in more modern homes. Just trying to make sure what it is and if I need to test it.

looks like an old drum trap

Now show us the “Good” pictures so we can actually see what the hell you’re lookin’ at!

Just a WAG, those look like supply lines and that could be an old vane pump. I could imagine a pulley being on that shaft out the top and driven by an electric or gas motor.

Kinda like this but turned on its side and with a pulley instead of a handle.


That is the good picture

Do you think it would still be utilized?

If that’s what it is, probably not. Could you confirm if the lines were supply lines and if they were active? Where did they go?

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They were having crawlspace work done at the time of my inspection. I peeked in just to see and saw this. I will be going back on Monday to inspect the crawl. If they are active, what would it be for?

If those are active supply lines, I don’t think that thing is doing anything. There doesn’t appear to be any power to it or way to operate it? It might have been used to “boost” water pressure at one time, maybe to get to a garden or something. These are just wild guesses. The picture is too grainy to really see the details when zoomed in.

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Thank Ryan. I am going to get a better look at it when I get in there on Monday to see if it even has power or is active. The booster pump theory seems likely due to the 1-inch copper piping on both sides.

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That is likely galvanized pipe rather than copper.


Agreed…but remove likely. That is galvanized steel pipe.


Yep…Definitely galvanized. Don’t look close. Thanks again.

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Thank you.

Maybe, but I disagree…

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Maybe brass?

Point taken :+1: