What is this plumbing loop in the garage of a 1999 house?

My best guess is to hook up a water filtration system.

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Yeah, prep for water conditioner system, I think, too.


here is a bit of a better picture.

Never guess. Refer disclosure from the vender when you are not sure.

1: What types of water is supplied to the residence? Well, Municipal?
2: Was there an alternative water source?

  • Harvested rainwater from roofs.
  • Harvested storm-water.
  • Reclaimed waste-water.
  • Graywater.
  • Captured condensate.

Looking forward to your reply.

Water softener hook up (copper) and PVC for condensate drain…


I agree, water softener hook up, although in my area where pipes may freeze in the winter, I always call out exposed plumbing that’s in non-conditioned areas.

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In my area too, Kevin, and I would narrate about that also…like you.

It is a municipal water source, I marked it in my report as a hookup for a water conditioning system.

The house is in sunny Southern California, so unless global warming is a hoax, it’s never going to freeze here.

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