What is this thing on the panel?

I should really know this, but havent been able to find it anywhere… Can someone tell me what this is on the electrical panel??



p.s. pls let me know if I should post questions like this somewhere else. :slight_smile:


It looks like it may be a transformer. Doorbells use them quite often.

It looks like a doorbell transformer.

You did fine…it’s in the electrical section…no worries. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

Should add it is probably double-tapped to one of the 15A lighting circuit breakers. If so, you may want to see if that’s permissible in your area.

John Kogel

Probably a transformer, but could also be a surge protector. Kinda small, I think, but it could be. Hard to tell from the pic.

A little enhancement clears it up.
Not that I can spell terminal.:frowning:


It’s just your chime transformer.

A common sight on surface mounted panels.

i bet it is the bell transformer.:):o:D