What is this trap?

This “trap” (sealed) was in the basement of an old fire station (1928 building) which is now a Dominos’s + 2 apts on 2nd floor! One of my students, a seasoned firefighter, could not identify what this is!

Any ideas anyone?


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Is it where the firemen’s pole was? :thinking:


that would be my guess…

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Was thinking the same thing Scott… :thinking:


What did it look like on the other side of that wall? Just more of the same? Maybe it was an in-ground cistern?

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Other thoughts;

A pad for the pot belly stove?

Maybe a cover (as Ryan stated) for a cistern or well? Had to fill those tank trucks back up… Maybe the pump “legs” sat on the 4 pads. Hmmmm??


Trap? What are you referring to? It is a hatch.
What’s inside the hatch?
Likely a Valve for a municipal utility. Seem them in waste and water valves. Run into metal hatches like that every now and then.

Same on the other side…

That is a real possibility…(pole)…

Hi Robert, perhaps you should update your distionary:


Learn to pronounce


noun: trap-door

  1. a hinged or removable panel in a floor, ceiling, or roof.
  • a feature or defect of a computer system which allows surreptitious unauthorized access to data.


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I meant dictionary, not good with IPhone keys…

Anybody’s guess I suppose. Any markings?

No markings of any sort!

Evenng, Gilles.
Hope this post finds you well.
Not to worry, G. Understood.

Observation: Floor Access Hatch.
Refer to the vender for more information.

I refer to these access panels as hatches, depending upon the service it is used for. An attic hatch. A hatch door opening in a building (or other structure) that has been fitted with a cover that swings open or closed.
Access N1102.2.4 (R402.2.4) Access Hatches and Doors. Access hatches and doors from conditioned to unconditioned spaces such as attics and crawl spaces shall be insulated to the same R-value required by Table N1102.1.3 for the wall or ceiling in which they are installed.

More copy and paste with no link or credit.

However, I do believe this is likely

In the end, it’s all a guessing game. Jimmy Hoffa could be inside for all we know.

It could be anything. We’ll have to find out. Many thanks for all your replies!

All the best!



Place for a sink or maybe a toilet.

I’ve seen these occasionaly in old houses.

From what I’ve gathered, it’s where they would drain the motor oil when changing the oil in a vehicle.

You know, before people realized old motor wasn’t just all going to soak into the soil and disappear forever.