What is this under the roof?

I think I know what this is. I’m not sure because I haven’t seen one left behind. This red metal under the roof… Let me know your thoughts…

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Looks like a truss spacer, but I haven’t ever seen them that heavy duty.

Looks like fall protection anchor for the roofers.


What he said.

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What Martin said

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What those two guys said🙂 ^^^^^^

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Balloons anchor:


Yep, you can even see the hole they smashed into the sob for the connection cable. LOL!

That’s called quality workmanship Larry.

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Most likely.

You stumped me. It looked like a piece of pallet racking.

Unsure why they would install an anchor there, let alone use a hammer to smash a hole in the sheathing for access… the farther down the roof line they would go, the more that the anchor would lose its ability to anchor. The sheathing would end up being the surface where all of the force would be concentrated at.

Typically, you would use something like this, that is approved and not makeshift product.

I have seen the OP’s anchor left behind occasionally.

Same here, Bob.