What is this??

Far left is bladder tank. Beside the bladder tank, obscured from view, is the softener. In the middle, the white cylinder, says “conditioner”, I would guess it’s something to condition the water aside from the softener tank. I don’t know what the big gray tank is. That’s not an insulation blanket, it’s “wrinkled” gray paint.

Can anyone help identify what the big gray tank may be used for? I’m thinking an additional storage tank, since there’s only 50 pounds of pressure?


Could it be a reverse osmosis system?
Pressurized Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank


Replaces the old clunker in the background, behind the activated carbon conditioning tank.


That seems like it, Jeff. I’m pretty sure the clunker was still in use, though, I didn’t take enough darn pics! It seems the pressure switch was downstream of the blue clunker, so maybe the blue clunker’s diaphragm failed, so it’s now just an auxillary storage tank.

Anyway, great info. That’s why I put up with you! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the THUMP KEG on one of those new fangled energy efficient stills;-)

Very well could be:mrgreen: we are talking WV :wink:

I’m originally from KY, I’ve seen a few pictures of those;-):wink:

lol, must be new fangled.

I usually see dented up old beer kegs, or empty propane tanks! :mrgreen:

:mrgreen:that’s too funny
Those high quality copper units are usually hidden;-)