What is with NACHI's endless commercialism?

I Myself, Very Much Enjoy Being A Member Of Nachi

I Have Gotten So Much Out Of It

I Think We Will Soon Be More Well Respected Than The Ashi People

I get mine at Walgreens.:wink:

Since I didn’t see any smiley emoticons there, I’ll take it you weren’t kidding.

I don’t go to those sites, and in fact get very tired of having to remove them as spammers from our foundation message board to the tune of several per day.

Perv, huh? Perhaps you should be careful how you throw names around.:roll:

Bob…I’ve had 4 or 5 of the same thing just in the last couple of days??? Nothing before that?

It’s not your system. It’s coming from NACHI. I’ve been getting them for about two weeks now. They only come through the NACHI referral systems. I’m not sure why some inspectors don’t get all this crap, I sure do. Junk email, junk snail mail and weekly phone calls from NACHI vendors trying to sell me more crap. I’ve had (4) phone calls from Brinks in the last two weeks, (2) automated messages from Pro-Lab in the last two weeks. I even get three or four identical emails from vendors, including NACHI on the same day. It’s definitely a big negative benefit of being a NACHI member.