what kind of snake?

I just found this snake while mowing the lawn today and my wife is flipping out and wants to know what kind it is. It is only a baby. I live in New York about 1.75 hours North of the city if that will help anyone identify. I would guess a copperhead if I had to but I am not an expert. TIA

Eastern Milk Snake



could it also maybe be a corn snake

Not while being a Milk snake. It can only be one kind of snake at a time.:wink:

I would have guessed King snake. . .

With my wife…

Wack, Wack, Wack.

A Dead Snake.


P.S. Kinda looks like a corn snake.

That would be a good guess. The website I got the photo from listed the Milk snake as a type of king snake. Apparently there are only a couple bazillion kinds of king snakes. I did not know that. I dislike them all.

One thing for sure, it is not poisonous! Head is not shaped in a triangle, that is a dead give away, no pun intended. lol

Now that’s darn funny !!! Thanks.

Bill Mullen
Sarnia, Ontario

It’s definitely an Eastern Milk Snake.

Looks like the dreaded rattle-headed copper mocassin.

Actually, based on the markings (of the penny), it would be a coppertail. :mrgreen:

My wife would say “I don’t care what kind of a snake it is, just kill it”

Looks like worm from here:wink:

I don’t like anything that doesn’t have shoulders!:stuck_out_tongue:

2% or Skim?


Hamburger, fries and a strawberry milk snake, please.:wink: :wink:

Crikey, ain’t she a beauty.:mrgreen: