What Plan to Buy (Phones)

Hey all. I have finally decided to make the switch to a larger style smartphone and use it for my home inspections. currently using homegauge. I am currently using a 7" tablet that works great, but no internet. How big of a Data Plan would you recommend? Currently I bring my tablet home and send the report to the cloud using my wi-fi and then finish up the report on my desktop. Are phones capable of using wi-fi or will i need to send the report using Data? Any suggestions/thoughts. Thinking of purchasing the new Samsung Galaxy S-5.

Get the Note 4. You’ll appreciate the size for inspections. Yes, it also uses WiFi, and it can be a hotspot for your laptop. Get as much data as you can afford. Make sure you’re getting 4g data.

Isn’t the S5 the same size or larger than the note 4?

I’m not sure. Previous Notes were always bigger than the S. You’ll also like the Note stylus.

Ron, you can send all your reports using wifi at home. If you don’t then get a huge data plan, especially if you’re going to use video. I’m pretty sure HG companion doesn’t convert video on the mobile itself so the full sized video would be uploaded to their cloud.

I went from a tablet to a note 3 and it’s been working out great

Note 4 is 5.7", S5 is 5.1". I have a note 4 and love it…S-pen is great. The S5 is water resistant and the Note is not, but it has more features that an inspector would appreciate.

Thanks to all for the great info. Decided on the Note 4.

You won’t regret it.