What should be our new membership requirement?

#2 Is a given for me.

#1 Has been amplified enough for the one’s that have been Certified for any amount of time.
Time, is money, and to raise the continued education hours to 30 would translate to about $1000.
One hour a week might not seem like much to some, but we do have a life and sometimes this 1 hour CE which turns in to two hours of interupted time is difficult.

Since Moisture in new and old homes is persisting to be a big issue today, I think that this category should be mandated, because it affects how buildings are being designed and built to eliminate or control it.


Should also be mandated so one would know exactly what the components are, how they combine with each other, using the education of Products to conclude the basis of compatibility of compents, and education of all of the AIA Divisions 1 thru 16 which would cover all aspects of Building Categories.
Could still and can be held to a Residential Level with the proper educational tools that might be provided on the Internet.

With this opinion on the back ground, how would one re-write the SOP to indicate that you are now capable to inspect in categories above and beyond.?

If the objectivity is to make it harder for prospective new membership requirements, that is easy.

Five years of in field experience building residential or similar work required along with all of the required mandates of the National Associations of Certified Home Inspectors enrollment requirements.
Would that not make it harder and establish the point as to how elite the Professional Home Inspectors of NACHI are?

Marcel :slight_smile:


I do not think it will make any difference what we do .
I understand there is no enforcement of the requirements we have now.
Many have not completed their CE or paid there dues and they just go along doing inspections.

Roy Cooke

Mike, NACHI’s CE policy already allows up to 8 hours credit per year for volunteer/comunity projects if they are housing related.

I am personaly in favor of mandating advanced courses rather than just more courses, we should be promoting excellance here.

I would also like to see an increase in the amount of auditing of CE prior to member renewals



If you really want to think “outside the box”-----how about making passing the NHIE (or equivalent) a requirement?

I totally disagree with #2!

I do qualify under that option, but I don’t see why we should be requiring members to spend $289.00 + $150.00-$400.00 for a training class to be a member. Then on top of that all the fees for those who are in licensing states! I thought that NACHI was all about:


"Members achieve financial success"

#1 on the other hand makes it so that the member would have to attend every chapter meeting & hopefully that chapter also has Training Events at least 4 times a year. That would also mean about $400.00 a year on top of the $289.00 to keep your membership up to date. Then add to that all the fees for licensing states.

Suggestion #3
Try adding somemore of the On-Line courses to be required for membership! Like the COE, SOP, Electrical, etc.

Where are the courses on “Plumbing, Foundation, Wells, Septic, Below Grade Living Spaces, Fireplaces & Chimneys, Heating & Cooling (HVAC), etc.” I can go on and on. What ever happened to the Safety in the Work Place course? How about “Fire Safety”?

These should not be advanced courses. They should be introductory courses. Things that all inspectors should have some kind of knowledge on. Things that fall within the SOP’s. We need to help NACHI inspectors to be more consistant in what they are reporting.

The suggestion of #2 would not apply to NACHI but would be more appropriate for CMI as a requirement!

The requirements for joining NACHI or continuing to be a member should not increase the cost to be a member!

I like the idea of promoting higher education but we as NACHI should not be requiring people to pay these other businesses in order to stay members of NACHI. That is in my opinion a conflict of interest!

It amazes me how expensive Mold classes have become. Spring of 2006 they went from around $50.00 to $75.00 to $99.00 to around $200.00 now, $400 if you want advanced mold also. Worth about 8-16 NACHI CEU.

My chapter (I hope) will have 6 Meetings this year. 6 NACHI CEU.
Hope to have 6 Training courses this year. (4 to 8 hours each) 24-48 NACHI CEU.

Chapter Membership Fee for discounts on training: $35.00
Most Chapter Training Events cost: $65.00 each
Cost for 30 NACHI CEU through my chapter: $295.00 min. + $289.00 NACHI Membership

Total cost per year to belong to NACHI: $584.00 & 6 days and 6 evenings not doing Home Inspections. (Potentially $1,800.00+ worth of inspections)

Try suggestion #3 it would help members better with: **“Members achieve financial success”


Hi to all,

Jason, completion of the NACHI online basic courses is already a membership requirement, and as courses are added they will also become a requirement.



Not a far fetched suggestion. NACHI has advanced exams that could be put to use, without resorting to the basic entry level NHIE.

Someone please help me to understand how increasing currently non-enforced requirements accomplishes anything.

I like J. Sieg’s idea of creating more online coarse’s that
would be required for membership. It does not cost
the inspector anymore money.

I drove 7 hours, round trip, to attend my required NACHI chapter
meeting in Dallas a few months ago. It was nice, but
I have other things to do with my time and money than
just trying to stay a member of NACHI.

If NACHI requires me to spend more money to remain
a member, I will not do it. No hard feelings, but
I have other things that are more important to me.

If I choose to spend the money, that’s OK… but I’m
not going to be forced to spend more money, and loose
more time.

If NACHI sends me some clients through it’s search
engines, then it pays for itself. If NACHI makes me
loose money, then I will be forced to choose between
NACHI and my need to support my family and pay my bills.

Guess who is gonna win?

It’s simply profit and loss. I have over 25 years in
construction… so another CE about outer space
are not going to impress me. I can live without it.


My point was to make a greater effort to add new courses. Not to add more NACHI CEU or to require courses that are outside the SOP that we would have to pay additional money to outside vendors to fulfill our membership requirements.

I think that it would be a good idea for the vendors to be creating these NACHI courses. They should produce good, quality courses like the ones we already have for the NACHI required courses. Basic courses like the ones we have now. We give them a lot of business. The courses must not be vendor bias but they can say that the course is presented & created by them at the beginning and have a link to their site at the end if you want additional training. If the course is to be a NACHI requirement then they must give NACHI all rites to the material in the course.

I’m looking at this from the point of view of those of us that do follow the requirements and not those who just don’t care.

I agree that their are a lot of people out their that need the rules enforced, but I don’t think that will happen. That is why I don’t want those of us that follow the rules to be burdened even more. If NACHI wants to burden those who do follow rules, do it with something that we can benefit from not something that will affect our pockets!

We do not need more costs or fees.

Remember, you asked for input. I find it a little damned disingenuous for a couple of guys who won’t be required to do the additional CEUs to come up with new rules and requirements for everyone else to do. Reminds me a lot of Congress. When you guys get bored, go to the bar but please do not think up more things for me to do. My plate is already pretty full, thank you! There are many who have more irons in the fire than just home inspections. Just one more thing added on by someone else may mean making a choice of dropping one or more unnecessary requirements. I know I am not alone in thinking this. It is simple math. Most people can only keep only so many balls in the air while juggling the day to day operation of their business and family obligations.

Nachi already far outdistances all other organizations for annual requirements. One only has to read the BB for a few days to see that many inspectors spend countless hours doing inspections only to be faced with more hours of work after coming home to do the reports. Like others have said, if NACHI becomes too much of a burden I think many will look for the EXITS.


Well worth repeating. It appears that everyone believes they know what is best for us… if it ain’t friggin’ licensing bull$hit then it is just something as equally outrageous and like you I’m getting pretty tired of it.

I myself would like to see a set number of charter meetings requirememt. Not only does it accomplish member interaction it can only make for a stronger organization. It should be a win win requirement. It should also create more chapters because if you don’t want to travel far for a meeting, then create a local chapter. There are not enough chapters. Its only my opinion but strength is in numbers. I am still struggling to create a chapter. I can’t stop thinking that all the information and free materials available would hinder anyones bussiness. Then again I am willing to share to succeed. Aren’t we suppossed to be helping each other. I hope some day soon I will be in the position to say I don’t have the time.

Amen; It is that simple.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

#1 and # 2 are closely related- anything in increase professionalism is generally supported

If there is a specific course that would help in NY, I would donate time and space to offer a class. This would help thpse who are financialy strapped. In reality there are thousands of hours of free ce out there it should not be a financial question.

Bill, I think that is quite generous of you, but unfortunately only provides this generosity to the folks in NY.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Well, so far we have not heard from a single seller of CEUs who oppose additional educational requirements. Why does this not surprise me?

Continuing education is important and not everyone limits themselves to the minimum number of required CEUs, anyway. Additionally, as some have pointed out, there are no audits being conducted to ensure compliance of the existing CEU requirements.

What other areas can we address that would set the NACHI member apart from other home inspectors? That is the objective behind the change, isn’t it?

Keeping with the two suggestions by Nick, I think NACHI should, as an organization, every single year come up with an online education course such as the current roofing and electrical courses. Then, each member must take, and pass, that course during that year. Topics go on forever and, once everything basic was exhausted (years worth) there could be new things added: On demand water heaters, heat pumps, hazardous materials, mold, you name it, and over the years it would be a wonderful archive as well. That takes the busy-work of trying to arrange all this out of the hands of the local inspector. It also keeps an inspector’s cost of doing business down while adding to his or her breadth of information, so this does not lead to a financial burden. Personally, I thought the two technical online courses were very good and would like to see more and this would assure that.


I like it…let’s do it.