What should I do? I can't stand McCain but I love Palin.

Palin for Prez.

McCain was not my first choice either. However since he showed tremendous wisdom in bringing Palin on, I’m not so sure that he’s as bad as I had initially thought. I’m certainly liking what I’m seeing since he became the Republican nominee. I think history may end up proving me wrong on my initial thinking. I certainly hope that’s the case.

PS. I think if they are elected, Palin will eventually become pres herself at some point in time. With a little experience and mentoring as VP, I think she’d do a fine job too.

It frightens me to think that there are people who look at the leadership of the free world as a trade…a skill…that can be acquired with a year or two of “experience and mentoring”.

If this opinion is indicative of even a small slice of our culture, our present system of government is at more risk from within than from any enemies that lie outside of its borders.

I fear for the future of America.

Sounds like the ASHI model to me Jim, maybe the VP role should be redesignated as the “Associate President” :mrgreen:

Sorry couldn’t resist


The presidency is not something that someone can be trained for. My point is, that most people are elected and then jump in and figure the job out on their own. Palin is going to have the opportunity to have some training that many of our presidents never get. She’s going to be all the better president for that training. Once again, don’t twist my posts to say something that they don’t. I’m happy to clarify if necessary, but don’t redefine my words. That’s what Dem’s and Liberals do. I don’t think you are either.

I think it was Kennedy who, after the inauguration, commented how much it surprised him to discover that things were just as bad as he had described them during his campaign.

No one enters the job “qualified” to be President. It is a job that a man of character can grow into (Lincoln) or a weak man can be overcome by (Carter).

Start following her around declaring your love for her. :cool:

Kind of like your neophyte candidate for president …

Most candidates are neophytes by definition Nick. :wink:

And most voters are simply stupid:roll:

You Michael are killing me this morning. Have a great weekend buddy.:mrgreen:


McCain is not all bad, but I can’t say that about obama, so that does it for me. 1/2 a loser is safer than two losers.

Ok, then why do you Obamamites keep going there with Mrs. Palin while ducking questions on the Obama-man’s even more empty resume?

Once again, the pot calls the kettle black. :roll:

Nick you neophyte you know not of what you speak.

Most people’s complaints with Palin is she is a hypocritical, lying, religious whack job, earmark loving, creationist, that is as smart as a sack of hammers.:twisted:

But for those that like the “Sack of Hammers” intellect of the last President I can definitely see the attraction. She might just have the last guy beat.:frowning:

Cross out religious and replace creationist with abortionist and you have your socialist candidate for president. :twisted:

Does the Veep get the logo after year one or year two? :mrgreen:

What is it with you and the words you do not know the meaning of anyway Nick?:stuck_out_tongue:

There is no Socialist candidate running in this election in this country. There are no Doctors running for office Nick.

I believe a Socialist did write the Pledge of Allegiance though.:wink:

Wow, your head is buried far in the sand- not being able to see that Obama is a socialist … :frowning:

Check for yourself; Obama’s anti-gun stance (he only recently reversed his rhetoric after the Supreme Court finally spelled out the validity of the 2nd Amendment) as well as the other gray areas of his history and life and listen to his own words. He is a willing pawn in a much bigger game than anyone realizes. The glassy eyed masses will follow him simply because they think he looks good or speaks articulately (when there is a teleprompter around).