What Size Ladder


Excellent… thanks for straightening that out for me… I really appreciate the ideas.


12.5 ft telesteps and a 26 ft LG. The LG is heavy to lug around. I wouldn’t use it inside…too awkward. The telesteps works for me 95% of the time.

PS…fingers beware. I know, I read, I got pinched once. That was enough.

I have a Werner 17 ft, 26ft little giant types, and a 24 & 32 extension type. The 26ft Werner is an hand full fully upright, but it makes a great a frame. the 24ft extension for 2 story buildings. the 17ft Werner is great!! check amazon much less than the little giant, and it is extra heavy duty (300lbs) for us big boys, not that I am 300lbs, but they are nice and sturdy.


I have the telestep model for interior and most exterior… I have no problems adjusting it just so to avoid marring the wall to get in attics… on occasion it is difficult, but overall works great! I just ordered the LG 22 online direct… wife said i could have it for my birthday…LOL but I can dispose of the old werner on the roof of my truck that comes down 1-2x week at best…

I use a 24’ Werner extension and a 12.5’ X-tend and climb. I keep a 7’ werner step ladder in the truck as well but hardly ever use it. The X-tend and climb telescoping ladder takes care of 80% of my climbing needs, weighs only 30lbs. and is the coolest ladder I’ve ever seen. My clients rave about it and ask me where to get one when they see it in action.


12’ xtend this is the best and most versatile way to go most 2nd story homes can be accessed forom the first story, otherwise I use the binoculars. My 20 foot folder mainly gathers dust and hangs Christmas lights.

Richard are you my twin bro.

i got the Gorilla brand “little giant” look alike from home depot. after borrowing my dads little giant, i have to say that for $200 less the Gorilla 21’ is awesome. just as light, and versitile. the only difference is that the little giant will lock at a 90* angle (2 legs on floor and 2 on the stairs) were the gorilla does not. nothing a couple well drilled holes won’t fix. but after all, how often will i need that option in an inspection?

I don’t think so Gary. I see from your profile you were born in '62. I’m fairly sure I would have noticed my mother being in labor for 13 years! :slight_smile:

Why d’ya ask BTW? (I can see some resemblance in our avatars)

As I stated…if you have a costco near…check out the werner 17’ ladders…they are only 99 bucks…versus the 400+ ones from LG…and the same ratings…

I like it because it fits behind my seats of the mini-vans we use.

I have a Xtend and Climb that I use 95% of the time. I got it off Amazon for $177 including tax and shipping. I also have a Werner articulating ladder that I haul around with me because I am too lazy to take it out of the bed of my truck. It weights a lot and I have hurt myself while using it more times than I care to remember. If I were to buy a new ladder today it would be a Gorilla from HD. Very sturdy, lighter material but extremely well made and has a very good price.

I just got my new “telesteps” today and it is a very interesting ladder to say the leaste.

It will be great for those closet hatches, but other than that I would not trust it… Way to flimsy for me and I got the 300 lb wide steps top of the line model.

I took it out and extended it all the way and it is way to flexible for getting on the roof. I was scared!!

I have a 17’ little giant and a 21’ Gorrila and to be honest I trust the Gorilla far more than I do the LG.

The Gorrila just feels safer to me.

If I fully extend the LG it feels unsafe, to much wobble.

If I fully extend the Gorrila it feels sturdy and I have no heebiegeebies. I don’t like the heebiegeebies.:shock:

That being said, I do not get on any roofs that require more than 14’ of my ladder. It’s a new policy and I am sticking to it!!!

Question for RR. I understand that you do not go on any roofs. I would like to know what you report when you are at a home that has a flat roof with a gas pack or Heat pump on it???

Do you disclaim the HVAC along with the roof???

Todd, try it out, you get use to it.

When I was doing electrical I did a pb in a factory hanging lights. We had to work off of 26ft extension ladders everyday for 2 months. They are also shaky when extended all the way.

I love the telesteps. You really do get use to it.

I remember drilling house lights( 6" hole saw) for an apartment building 45 feet up. I had to put the extention ladder in the back of my truck just to reach them.

I will never ever put myself in such a dangerous position ever again!!!

C’mon,everyone else is doing it.