What the heck is this thing.

Found on the wall of a star well going to the basement of a hundred year old duplex.

Old light switch.

Yes, looks like the old twist knob light switch.

The boys are right. and show their age lol

Where is the NACHI link for historic fixtures and devices ? Maybe you guys can scan it your old polaroids for educational purposes :mrgreen:

LOL it would be hand sketched

On a clay tablet…:mrgreen:

I was thinking a animal skin
Remeber thoose days lol Got back to the cave from inspecting other caves, To find the little women has just swept out all your drawings.

Should have beem on the wall of the cave and not on skin so it could not be swept out.

What? No back up?

yeah i know , I was conserving Skins, Drawing on the cave wall was unacceptable due to the graphic nature lol

Looks like a turn switch for the old knob and tube system. Which could indicate that there is still active knob and tube in the walls and attic. They would also have the push button switches.

Yep there was active K & T and lots of push button switches. This particular device didn’t seem to be active though…Too bad (it’s kind of cool!).