What the heck is this?

I came across a small complex sided with this masonry material. The “bricks” are about 18" long and 4" tall and seem to hang on these galvanized steel tracks screwed to the house. It seemed really fragile and had gaps everywhere…





Looks like some type of NOVABRIK product. http://www.novabrik.com

I am glad to say never seen any thing like this in Canada .

I thought so as well–my advice to the guy thus far has been to contact novabrik and see what they know–often they are more familiar with their competitors products as well…

Thanks for sharing I have never seen anything like it…I would have had the same question

Gosh that looks like crap.

Regardless of what the actual product is, I certainly know what to say if I ever see it…

Well! Suspense. :mrgreen:

Damage siding observed, repair and don’t orient the snow blower discharge toward the house…