Over 1000 inspections - first time I've seen this.

What is it?

One inch thich brick veneer failing all over this structure. The exterior walls are warping and cracking. It’s almost like this stuff was buttered onto a substrate like stucco, then the joints mortared in.

Anybody familiar with it? What’s it called?

thin brick veneer.jpg

An ugly mess!!! only in America!

May be Z-Brick. I thought it was just for interior but I see from the FAQ’s page that I was incorrect.


I found this on the subject:


If it is one inch thick that doesn’t sound like Z brick but more like someone used brick pavers. Without the benefit of brick ties to help support the brick veneer the weight alone would be enough for premature failure. Couple that with poor mortar joints and adhesive it was pretty much doomed to fail. All it takes is a little wind driven water behind the brick (thru the failing mortar joints) to begin separating the veneer from the substructure. It looks like crap and it may be worse underneath.

It looks like a Harry Homeowner job to me. I’ve never seen that either J.O.

Good point Doug. You’re right Z-brick was not 1" thick. Looks as though John O. nailed it with his link.

Looks like THIS

More research on thin brick Manufacturers found;

Thin brick was popular in Maine in the early 70’s and in the later, started to be used on the exterior for some veneers.


Hope this helps.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: