what to purchase for startup

I am enrolled in ahit training. I am also going for advanced energy audit, mold, termite and radon. I am wanting to know upfront what all I should buy so that I have everything I need once I finish training.

I am getting a startup package hor home inspection, but what about radon, mold termite and energy auditing?

I plan to get a smasung tablet, is that a good choice? What about a portable printer for my vehicle, can you recommend a brand? IR camera?


What’s ahit training?

Purchase a garbage can and throw your AHIT manuals in it. They are gradeschool level at best. Then go here: www.nachi.org/education.htm

I attended AHIT before I started…was good basic information but the manuals did seem aged at that time (5 years ago). I also received AHITs computer inspection program which I never used for an inspection…found it full of errors and glitches…poor product compared to others available (I now use 3D) but I know several guys here are happy with inspector pro which is a much cheaper cost…I might switch some day. In the end you can get a great education right here at InterNACHI through the classes, Nachi TV, and reading a lot of the forums. Truthfully join InterNACHI…you will not regret it. You will get your membership back in education and not to mention the online Christmas party!

I’ll agree with that. If you know absolutely zero about construction, it might be the place to start.

Give me a call Jason and I’ll tell you so you don’t waste a bunch of time.

Best thing Jason can do with these kind of questions is join a local NACHI chapter and get a few ride alongs in.

$$$ is burning a hole in the pocket and plenty ready to take it…

Jason whatever you do, do not buy their home inspection software. I can not stress this enough.

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To the original poster:

I am blown away by the sheer amount of and quality of the education on this site. I spent over 30 years getting certified and educated in construction, the Internachi forum site has more to offer a new inspector than any other learning site I have been into.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

Focus on the home inspection basics. Then move on to the advanced education. Don’t even think about adding the other ancillary services until you master inspecting. You have no clue what you don’t know.

Depending on what part of the country he’s in, and if he’s in a licensed state and that State has different levels of home inspection licenses, he won’t be able to do it just with INACHI classes.
For example, you cannot get your professional licenses in TX by just taking INACHI classes.

Actually ambition is a good thing.
There are those that feel they should learn how to move a mop in perfect swing and wring it out with the exact measure of moisture along with precise soap to water mix before they attempt to learn how to clean windows.

Bet those guys have some darn dirty houses.

Successful people just buy another house and pay others to clean it.

So what is the best program in Texas? And for the pro license, who writes the verification of experience letter? Former clients, employees, subcontractor?