What type of insulation???????

This is the biggest NEST in a attic that I have seen.

that looks a lot like that new straw insulation Buck…not much of an r value , but i think its pretty cheap…

It’s not a pack rat nest. It doesn’t look like a nest because nests usually have a pocket in the middle to contain the young. What is that thing?

Did it have a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on it Buck?

If it didn’t…IT SHOULD…I have never seen anything like it…Krist it’s bigger than an Eagles Nest…!!!

Was there a hole in the roof above that thing? It looks like something was dropping grasses down a hole in the roof for a long time. That looks like a pile, not a nest, but I don’t think it was done by people. Plus there’s an awful lot of bird chit on that brace. Some bird or two has been roosting up there at night.

Most birds buiild their nests out of sticks with maybe just a lining of straw. It’s not a bird’s nest either.

I see spaced sheathing so at one time it had a shake roof. How old is that house?


Incredible what ever it is----:shock:

It’s bigger than a Beaver Lodge----:shock:

When they get into the attic, mice sound like squirrels, squirrels sound like raccoons, raccoons sound like water buffalo and beavers… well, I dunno. They must sound like elephants except for the trumpeting. Unless beavers take to trumpeting once they enter attics.

Attic beaver, Rare to find . very dangerous . will slap you silly when you stick your head threw the attic access.

[FONT=Verdana]Steven, any idea what this straw pile is? [/FONT]
House is a proud owner of starlings. Note the white droppings on the left pole.
Why would starlings build a pile of hay?
Part of their nesting. They like to fill a crevice.

Stephen Vantassel, Project Coordinator, CWCP, ACP
Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management
School of Natural Resources
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Almost looks like squirrels Kenton

I have seen a couple of attic nest very similar and large like this one here in Michigan and I noticed roosting pigeons on both homes that I inspected. Large droppings on the truss members etc.

Once pigeons roost it is tough to get rid of them. Rubber snakes, owls and the like work well. Have had positive responses from clients with this type of problem.