You Should Have Seen The Size.....

Of the birds building these nests!!!:shock::shock:





I have seen quite a few pictures of these attics nest Linas on this board and still fail to realize how birds get in the attic.

Is there a hole the size of a football to let them in or what?:slight_smile:

I always knew your mounds were big, but not that big! :wink:

These birds were sooo big, I think they lifted the roof to get into the attic.:p:p

you see these a lot under gable vents. The birds, year after year, keep adding one piece at time, at the gable to try to build a nice nest. It falls through, and over time builds up. If you ever see a nest in a gable, you can pretty much bet that there is going to be some of it inside. In many cases the birds are never inside.

A birds nest huh? I have found one of these in an old home, and thought it might be a squirrel. Of course the thing was right in my face when i stuck my head into the scuttle home. I was not going to attempt entering and getting critter mangled.

I’ve seen big squirrel nests too, but they tend to use leaves instead of straw. Birds usually use straw, strings, small twigs, etc…

Mark, maybe it was Big Bird, you know, the yellow one. :mrgreen::wink:

Or could it be a beaver that didn’t like water, you know! One that thinks outside the Dam

I like beaver. They’re good eatin’ if they’re cleaned good!!:p:p:p

Ever have ground hog?

Man, you guys have been landlocked for too long. :mrgreen:

Drive east and enjoy!!!

LOL i had that on Friday.
Cant beat it though. Dang now i am hungry

I ate a fat pig once. But I was pretty drunk!!!:p:p