What is this?

It is been a while since I have seen one of these in the attic. Does everyone know what this is?

Birds do that. Comical when I find those below a vent with a torn screen.

Huge bird nest…maybe pigeon or other.

I’ve seen them literally 4 to 5 ft. high.

I can imagine the birdies just kept filing the hole trying to make his/her nest. lol

Nice nest looks like cousin it (Addams Family)

I would agree about the birds, did you poke at it??

Birds! I think Nick has a picture of one in an article, somewhere. Just wanted some of the new inspectors see one.

here ya go

correctly reporting is essential ;~))

“Hay Bales” in Attic are generally indicative of squirrel…

This one was from a starling: http://twicsy.com/i/HjwMw

lol “Man, this hole is deep!”

Usually when I see them their a lot wider and less tall.

Squirrel nest.

I have removed some where a 55 gallon bag was not enough.

A nest for