What Type Of Pump Is This?

Last two homes this week had these type of sump pumps, home built 1970’s.

They have a test switch on the side and what looks live a vacuum tube.

Pic 2 looks like a standard pedestal style pump that appears to be fixed in a sump pit I am guessing but the vacuum canister and copper tube may control the exhaust function of the pump (on/off). Pic 1 looks like a home made sump using a jet pump but it does have a check valve :-0 Did they work when you tested them?

Thanks Scott for your comments. Based on all the views I’m assume many may share your same thoughts. I did google search and came up empty. I did not record the manufactures name so that makes a google search difficult. Each pump had a test switch and it turned the pumps on. There is no other way to verify if they truely function.

Other question I have is what is their life expectancy. Since the home is '70 I would expect its time to replace.

Does anyone have a narrative they can share for these type of pumps and any reference to manufacturer and installation procedure.

Pedestal pump, pneumatic water level switch. Most washing machines have a similar water level controller.

Water pushes on a diaphram as it rises, closing a microswitch.