What type of sink trap is this? PIC.


An old one. You unscrew the bottom to clean it out and it doesn’t work very well.

But it looks kinda cool.

That would be a drum trap. . .

Thanks - didn’t see this type in my training manuals. Now I know it all.

I saw quite a few of these in England a few weeks ago… that and a lot of “exterior” plumbing :slight_smile:

Arne: I’ve been to Abbotsford, thought maybe I was going to drive right off the edge of the earth. “exterior” plumbing - what would this be?

Edge of the earth? From Spokane? You need to get out more! :wink:

I’ll try and post a pic of what I’m referring to. In England, where I was in Buxton, many of the homes are solid rock and a few hundred years old. When they were “modernized” with plumbing, they didn’t have any choice but to plum the fixtures from the outside.

Hmm… I’m getting an error when I try and attach an image. But picture, instead of the pipes running IN the wall, that instead they are on the outside of the home.

Can’t disagree with that - getting out more couldn’t hurt. Beautiful country up there.

I have not seen or even head of plumbing done this way but it must have functioned to gain acceptance. Thanks for the come-back.

They actually work great!! They are called “Bottle Traps”



You are right, they unscrew from bottom to clean out.What i don’t know is, are they legal,at least in Ontario.I will find out and post here.


What a great place NACHI is . You can still buy these
http://www.plumbingsupply.com/bottletraps.html expensive but neat.

Roy Cooke … Royshomeinspection.com

A much more modern trap is “better”!!

Note the metallic duct tape and the second uphill surge!


Beauty got to love some people sure do things out side the normal .
Roy Cooke

Gotta envy the wastewater flowing down one of those fixtures; all the elbows and slope changes look akin to a rollercoaster ride!:cool:

Isn’t it amazing how revered metallic duct tape is?! Never thought of using it for rigid plastic piping repairs…

Those traps do not comply with any standards in the U.S. that I’m aware of. I would place them in the same category as the flexible tail piece.

Give the poor guy a break. He needed to drop the trap so he could install the tail piece for the dishwasher. Of course, when the dishwasher empties, it’ll be hitting a pipe already full of water. Eventually the pipe will fill up with water to the point it can go downhill.

These traps are everywhere in Europe,I have a house in Cyprus I have two of them,one in w/c and kitchen and I have never had any problems.Works just fine!!!

I just love it when a homeowner tells me this :smiley:

I’m sure you can appreciate the humor I derive from those statements. :wink:

Gee you know I heard the same thing with your electric system where the Grounds and neutrals are inter mixed .
Gee it works just fine .
Roy Cooke

Actually DRUM trap and BOTTLE trap are different. The one shown in the picture is a bottle trap. They both are not permitted in Canada. The static water level is below the outlet and sewer gases may escape from outlet to inlet.